How to take nootropics

By | November 23, 2013

The best way to take nootropics powder

This post will detail different options for consuming nootropics whether its powder form or capsules.

Everyone will have different preferences and needs – some people may hate the taste of powder, some may have limited budget … you get the idea.

Remember, taking a supplement as directed on the package label is considered the safest way.

Powder form nootropics seem to generate the most questions. While they will all be taken orally, exactly how you get them down is up to you.

Fat Soluble vs Water Soluble

Solubility, refers to both the ability to dissolve and the ability to absorb within the body.

Simply put, water-soluble nootropics dissolve in water. Conversely, fat soluble nootropics dissolve in fat (and are stored in body tissue).

Water soluble are absorbed and eliminated quickly by he body, whereas fat soluble take longer to absorb but last longer.

Most vitamins are water soluble, and most drugs are fat soluble. There are, of course, exceptions.

To eat or not to eat

Water soluble supplements work better on an empty stomach, while fat soluble work better on a full stomach. I’ve heard quite a bit about consuming fat soluble nootropics with a fat source, however, they’ll work just as fine without.

Under the tongue

Some nootropics are designed for sub-lingual (‘under the tongue’, in Latin) administration. Sub-lingual administration is more direct, often faster, and avoids being broken down before it enters the bloodstream. The nootropic should provide directions for use. I recommend you follow them.

Measuring your nootropic powder

The amount (dosage) will vary depending on the nootropic, your physiology, and your previous experience.

Nootropic powders should come with a measured scoop. I often use this, especially if the powder is designed for sub-lingual administration.

If you don’t have the measured scoop, the density of powders varies between nootropics so it’s hard to gauge using a teaspoon, but generally 1 teaspoon is equal to 1500mg.

I prefer to measure using a digital scale. They are relatively inexpensive, highly accurate, and easy to use. The precision eliminates concerns about controlling variability in dosage.

Getting it down

Some people simply measure it out, put it on a spoon and swallow it down. This method is efficient and simple. However, for me the taste is too much.

For water soluble, a few people mix the powder in water or juice. Again, in water, I can’t stand the taste. Orange juice, on the other hand, makes it much easier.

For fat soluble, some people mix it in coconut oil or yoghurt before swallowing it down. Another option is mixing the powder with milk, which in my opinion improves the process.

Another way?

The above methods might be perfectly fine for some. But for me a much more practical solution is capsules. This doesn’t mean you can’t buy powder, you simply need to make your own capsules.

The Capsule Machinecap machine is a great choice as its easy to use and does 24 at a time so can save quite a bit of time and messing around.

Over 100 hundred people have rated it 4.5 stars. It comes with instructions which are easy to follow and the machine is fairly intuitive.

Many nootropics are hygroscopic, that is, they will tend to absorb moisture from the air. If you pack all your nootropic capsules at once, you will avoid any issues with your nootropics powders turning to mush.

A capsule machine can also save you money, by buying your other supplements in bulk and making the capsules yourself.

The capsules come in different sizes, so you’ll have to consider what size you want. Personally, I like the ’00’ as these aren’t too hard to swallow and fit a decent amount. Again, this will come down to personal preference.

The table below provides an overview of the different size capsules to help you decide which size is right for you.


Length (mm)
Diameter (mm)
Volume (ml)
Approximate Amount
00026.149.971.371100 mg
0023.38.530.92735 mg
021.77.650.68500 mg
119.46.910.50400 mg
2186.350.37300 mg
315.95.820.30240 mg
414.35.310.21165 mg
511.14.910.13100 mg