AdderRx Review – Could It Really Work?

By | February 5, 2014

AdderRXThere are a lot of companies trying to jump on the bandwagon of brain supplements. While some are just filler, some are more impressive, and interesting. One such product that is on the market today, especially for those that are dealing with ADD or even ADHD is AdderRx. Focusing is a tough task when you don’t have the proper medication, and for those without insurance or without a prescription it seems as though it could get quite difficult to find a good supplement that delivers on the same level as pharmaceuticals like Adderall. In order to provide a useful AdderRx review, it’s important to look closer at the ingredients and determine whether AdderRx works or if it’s just marketing.

The Promises of AdderRx Review

The marketing campaigns for this alternative medication are clear and concise. They claim to be able to assist with mental clarity, cognition, focus, alertness, and mental endurance. They also claim to be the first and best scientifically engineered solution to help with ADD. They most certainly are getting a lot of attention as being a major nootropic cognitive solutions for those that need a helping hand with the mind.

Even with the promises, it’s hard to determine whether or not they are legitimate, until you start to peel back the marketing and look at what you’re really investing in.

The Ingredients

There are several ingredients that are in every capsule that you take of this option and it’s quite potent. The following elements are found in each.

  • 1,3 Dimethylamylamine – The main ingredient, and an option that is found in a lot of other stacks is also known as DMAA. This helps with releasing dopamine in the brain and can improve serotonin levels, giving the benefit of focus fast.
  • L-Tyrosine – Another known element that seems to help with increased memory, and brain function, in concentrated doses, many suffering from ADD see results fast and easily.
  • Siberian Ginseng – This specific branch of the ginseng root is impressive. It gives energy and vitality to the user and helps biosynthesize the supplement within the body for maximum effect.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – This is not your average cup of coffee. This is a potent form of caffeine that is meant to stimulate the brain and give cognitive pushes in the right dose. It’s going to shock the system, wake you up, and cause serious focus as a result. It’s not the same as coffee, though some seem to want to think it is.

Does It Work?

In the end, all that really matters is whether or not it works. The truth of the matter is that it does in fact work. AdderRx is available through amazon and it’s one of the most reviewed supplements for ADD and is extremely potent and active for those that are dealing with the mental issue. You’ll find that the blend of the aforementioned ingredients in the proprietary formula made by the company is not only above standards, but it’s a true alternative gem to that of prescription medications. With little to no side effects reported, it very well may be your best bet for gaining true brain function, focus, memory, and more.

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