Onnit Labs ShroomTech Sport Review

By | March 7, 2014


I had read somewhere recently that this product produces great health effects, as well as giving you a boost of energy. I read that it is a nootropics supplement that also maintains and aids your immune system. You can never be sure whether a supplement actually is aiding your immune system, so you have to hope for the best in that respect. What you can be sure of is whether the supplement is giving you the promised boost of energy. All human bodies are different, and therefore all of us will undoubtedly react differently to different supplements. Personally, I found the effects of this product to be both noticeable and effective.

ShroomTech Sport Review

shroom techThere is a lot of technical jargon behind products like this, but to cut to the chase: ShroomTech Sport is not a stimulant-based supplement. Therefore, in my opinion at least, it already has the edge on something like caffeine, which can give you a jittery, fuzzy feeling if you consume too much (or too little in some cases). Instead, it produces ATP, which carries energy in cells for the purpose of our metabolism. In short, ATP is very good at producing energy. Any product that produces ATP already gets my thumbs up. After one bottle of this stuff I already felt as though I had double, perhaps even treble, the amount of energy than before when I had relied on caffeine to give me a pre-work out boost. My mental sharpness also increased. I was focused.

The purpose of a stimulant-based supplement is to increase your alertness and endurance. ShroomTech Sport really does go further because I did feel the benefits to my health, as well as to my pre-work out energy. My lungs work better when I use this stuff. My sinuses feel clearer, and unlike any ‘uppers’ that fail to sustain your energy for a long period of time, my energy levels were consistently high throughout the duration of my work out. There was no boost of energy as such; it was a whole mornings worth of energy that made me feel as though I could keep going, and going. Of course, such a feeling could be deceptive, and you definitely don’t want to overdo it. The danger could be that you end up training too much because it feels as though your body can now carry you.

The product contains antioxidants, which made me wary owing to what I had previously read about the product maintaining a healthy immune system. There is an ongoing debate about the benefits of antioxidants for our immune system, and whether their production helps or hampers recovery after physical exercise. Too many antioxidants in our system can disable the recovery period after exercising. Therefore, a product like this may feel good in the short term, but will it help in the long term? That simply depends on what you’re looking for. I was certainly pleased with the short-term effects. I wanted a jolt of energy for exercising, and I got more than that. I do feel good after using a few bottles of this stuff over a period of a month, so for now I have only but praise.

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