Easy to use game that improves memory and intelligence? (Plus its FREE)

By | March 22, 2014


It’s very easy to think that improving your intelligence or memory is impossible, but then then something comes along and changes the game. Well, today what I want to introduce you to, is something called the “dual n-back brain training exercise”.

The facts

A study  published in 2008 in PNAS  concluded that ‘N-back mental training’  expanded working memory (WM), and fluid intelligence (IQ1). Prior to this, fluid intelligence was thought to be unchangeable. Since this first study four further studies have confirmed these conclusions.

The good news

Brain Workshop

Brain Workshop is a free version of the n-back mental training exercise that was created by Paul Hoskinson.

Once downloaded you’ll be presented with screen below – you’re ready to start.


The software also includes Triple N-Back and Arithmetic N-Back and the website claims the software has been downloaded over 775,000 times.

What to do

Basically you need to remember letters and the positions of a square at the same time. I won’t bother explaining too much more because the best way to learn is go download the software and start playing! If you would like to read a tutorial though this tutorial is available.

To download the software visit http://brainworkshop.sourceforge.net/

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