And the most popular drug in the world is…… Caffeine

By | October 29, 2014

What Is Caffeine?

Caffeine is a stimulant that most of us associate with coffee. But it is also found in tea, fruit (such as guarana berries), energy drinks and pills – nootropics. It is most commonly extracted for human consumption from coffee beans, which is actually the seed of the coffee plant. Unknown to a lot of people, caffeine is referred to as a nootropic because of its stimulating effects on our brains. It is known to:

  • Improve alertness
  • Increase wakefulness
  • Improve attentiveness
  • Improve focus
  • Enhance concentration

Most people are generally unaware of its classification as a nootropic because of the social value it has. Coffee in particular been increasingly seen as the drink of choice for friends who want to meet up for a chat; the phrase ‘want to go for a coffee?’ has by now embroidered itself into our way of life, so much so that we take for granted the effects on our health that a cup of Joe can have. Instead, we make our choice based on taste and presentation, and we, rather negligibly, assume that our ‘addiction’ is based on these factors. But caffeine has health benefits and is an important source of study for health experts.

Reduction of Long Term Illness

Whilst it’s true that for those who only drink coffee once a day, three or four cups more tend to create an unappealing ‘fuzzy’ feeling. But regular caffeine usage serves to reduce the risk of developing a debilitating illness, such as dementia or liver cancer. The trick is to not drink too little or too much. Too much, for example, can lead to an unwanted tolerance whereby the caffeine’s short term effects – such as alertness and wakefulness – are no longer felt.

It’s A Natural Stimulant That Works quickly and effectively

The University of Michigan recently concluded that the effects of caffeine on our bodies are felt almost immediately – often within just 15 minutes. Moreover, they can continue to be felt for up to around an incredible six hours. Because caffeine is a natural stimulant, as opposed to being synthetically derived and enhanced, people tend to view it with less skepticism. It exerts an incredibly potent effect on our central nervous system, and it only takes sensibly small doses for its effects to be felt. It can wake us up quickly, make us alert and ready to tackle any tasks that are awaiting us.

Caffeine as a Nootropic:

To get the best out of caffeine, it is sometimes useful to combine it with other nootropics to create a potent and powerful stack. It’s advisable to go down this route if you really need waking up. More than that, a caffeine-based stack can act as a performance enhancer, as well as a fat-burner. Here are a few combinations you could try:

Caffeine + Curcumin – helps to reduce chances of developing dementia, colon cancer and psoriasis

Caffeine + Quercetin - increases energy and inhibits production of fat cells

Caffeine + L-Theanine – Helps to improve our focus

Caffeine combined with L-Theanine in particular has been well-documented for its synergistic benefits. L-theanine suppresses the more sinuous nature of caffeine, thereby reducing the risk of side effects, such as hyperactivity and aching muscles. Instead, this simple stack is ideal for athletes in particular, as it allows for greater muscle activity and dexterity, enhanced alertness and greater visual acumen. Moreover, it is known to effectively amplify our mental faculties, improving our focus and tightening together our memory.

Allmax Nutrition Caffeine 200mg

Allmax Nutrition CaffeineAllmax Nutrition’s caffeine comes with 100 200mg tablets that help to increase energy, reduce fatigue and improve alertness and wakefulness. For anyone who doesn’t like the taste of coffee, or who reacts badly to it in the sense that it creates feelings of anxiety and ‘fuzziness’, Allmax’s tablets are the perfect antidote. They work in a similar way to a shot of espresso, giving you a rapid jolt of energy that puts you in the right physical and mental frame of mind for a workout or even a study session. It comes at a reasonable price and if you stick to the recommended dosage, there is a very limited chance that you will experience side effects. Effective and fast working.

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