What is Lion’s Mane? The Bearded Mushroom

By | November 2, 2014

Yamabushitake, otherwise known as hericium erinaceus, otherwise known as Lion’s Mane or Hedgehog Mushroom (we’ll get there eventually), is an edible mushroom that is also marketed in capsule form. It’s essentially a dietary supplement that is known for both its cognitive and physical benefits. These include preservation and development of neurons, restoration of nerve sheaths, reduction of inflammation, strengthening of memory, as well as reparation of nerve damage. It is also used in the treatment of ulcers and is recognized for its long term health effects on the brain.

So, What is Lion’s Mane? Yamabushitake contains a wealth of bioactive substances, including potassium, zinc and iron. For this reason, it is seen as a nootropic that works at restoring energy (particularly vital after a hard nights partying where your body will suffer from iron and zinc deficiency, or if you have an exam ahead of you) and improving your physical condition, getting you back into tip top shape. There has also been the odd speculation that it prevents cancerous tumors from developing, though such probing as to its potency in this area is still in its infancy. Let’s take a look at the best supplements out there which contain this particular nootropic.

Fungi Perfecti by MyCommunity: 120 Vegetarian Capsules

Fungi Perfecti by MyCommunityLion’s Mane is an increasingly popular nootropic, but a number of people tend to be put off by its ungainly, beard-like appearance that has given rise to a number of detractors. Buying the supplement in capsule form means you get the same boost of energy but without having to eat the mushroom itself. Host Defense have here put together a package that contains 17 individual mushroom species. Each capsule is packed with 525mg fruit bodies that promise to enhance our cognitive functions and suppress inflammation.

If you’re looking for a medicinal mushroom supplement that stands out from the rest, it’s hard to go wrong with Fungi Perfecti from MyCommunity. Either used by itself or in a nootropic stack (combined with vitamin C it’s particularly powerful) the potency of this supplement is such that it gets to work on your body literally within minutes. Energy is boosted, anxiety and weakness is reduced, and even better is that it comes without side effects.

Swanson’s Full Spectrum Lion’s Mane

Swanson’s Full Spectrum Lion’s ManeThe Chinese and Japanese have for centuries known all about Lion’s Manes ability to enhance our mental performance. Although they have been using it in medicine for hundreds of years, it was only in the last decade that western scientists confirmed its antioxidant effects, thereby justifying the Orients long-held fascination and use of the mushrooms. Nowadays, it is available in pills on the internet and here Swansong have created a supplement rich in natural constituents which preserve and strengthen the health of our brains.

Although Lion’s Mane certainly has noticeable short-term benefits, such as increasing alertness and giving our body an overall boost, it is also a nootropic that provides for us in the long term. Frequent use of Swansong’s Full Spectrum may stem cognitive decline in older people, reduce symptoms of depression in the long term, as well as inhibit cancer. Moreover, there are claims that Lion’s Mane reduces the chances of Alzheimer’s developing.

Aloha Medicinals Inc. Pure Hericium 90 Capsules 500 mg

Aloha Medicinals Inc. Pure HericiumThe great thing about Lion’s Mane is that it is readily available on the internet for a very low price, as evidenced with this supplement by Aloha Medicinals Inc. The advice is to take 3 capsules a day, which means that one bottle priced at under $15 will last you a month, whilst significantly boosting your mental faculties.

For anyone who wants to engage their brain and is a little curious about Lion’s Mane and what effect it has, they could do worse than look further than what Aloha Medicinals Inc. are providing here. Lion’s Mane promotes the longevity of neurons, and has been clinically proven to improve cognitive decline, particularly in patients suffering from dementia. Its power at boosting our mental faculties and strengthening memory is incredible, and moreover it is able to assist neuronal regrowth after minor or major injury. It has also been shown to have a positive effect on blood pressure.

The supplement is advertised as being 100% organic and 100% hericium.

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