Enhance your Physical Performance with MuscleForm Creatine

By | November 13, 2014

Creatine is probably already known to most budding athletes; indeed, it’s most likely already a firm part of most athletes’ supplementary diet. But for anyone looking to enhance their physical performance who is not in the know about this organic acid energy-giving gem, there are worse things you could do than inject a regular amount of it into your diet. Creatine is an excellent source of energy for our muscles, and reaches them via blood from its origins in our kidneys and liver. The supplement version, as found here, is known to be almost three times more effective at producing muscle mass than protein derived from food. So far, so good.

muscleform creatineThere are no need to worry about adverse health effects when it comes to MuscleForm’s creatine. As a naturally occurring compound, it is produced by our own bodies and gives a boost to our muscles without nasty side effects. For anyone who is looking to strengthen their physical prowess and unleash the full potential of their body, creatine simply assists your goals as opposed to artificially manufacturing them. More creatine levels in your body means more energy, more muscle – more success.

But there’s more. If you think creatine can boost your physical performance by optimising your muscles, think what it can do to your brain. There is so only so much energy in our body and if we push it to its limits, we will thus use up all our energy. When you consider that your brain takes up 20% of all energy available at any one time, you could use that up in no time if you’re studying for a big exam. And once it’s gone, it’s gone for a while. Creatine saves the day by injecting more energy into our body, which thus means more energy for our brain. Indeed, such a claim is backed up by a recent study conducted by the Journal of Ageing, Neuropsychology and Cognition, which concluded that creatine significantly enhances our cognitive ability. Winner.

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