What is Alpha-GPC?

By | November 21, 2014

Alpha-GPC is a form of choline that improves our overall cognitive faculties, giving us a mental boost, improving our memory, and increasing our alertness and attentiveness. It has also been proven to slow down cognitive decline, thereby effectively reducing the chances of Alzheimer’s developing.

Choline is an essential part of our diet; without it, we would not remain healthy. A chronic lack of choline can lead to a fatty liver, as well as kidney necrosis. A diet rich in choline will lead to a healthier mind and body; taken as a supplement – such as the nootropic, Alpha-GPC – its role is to act as a catalyst for acetylcholine production, which, once activated – or metabolized – will improve the power and effectiveness of our memory and overall intelligence. Moreover, Alpha-GPC has been proven to have a positive effect on our mood.

Its cognitive-enhancing elements are important when it comes to its classification as a nootropic. Indeed, people who regularly use Alpha-GPC as a supplement attest that it improves their concentration, attention and focus, even if they don’t understand the science behind it. It is now a popular smart drug, with the general comments being that it works quickly and effectively, and it is particularly suitable for students who have exams looming.

Study and research is still being conducted into Alpha-GPC. A particular source of interest is how it can assist and improve the performance of an athlete. There has been evidence to suggest that it aids growth hormone – in particular the reparation and reproduction of cells – but results have largely been sporadic and subjective. Some athletes have testified as to its consistency, whilst others say that results tend to vary. Let’s take a quick look at what supplements are out there.

Now Foods – Alpha GPC Cognitive Support 300 mg

Now Foods alpha gpcIt's been well-documented that Alpha GPC has both short and long term benefits for our health. Its potency is often confined to our brains, with this supplement from Now Foods particularly adept at â€?bringing us to life’ fairly quickly after intake. Its effects are sharp and acute; rapid and brilliant. In the short term, you feel awake, alert, responsive, focused, positive, motivated – ready to seize the moment and get things done.

A lot of users tend to purchase this kind of product for such instantaneous effects. It’s often recommended to students who need to focus and study hard. And there's no doubt that it has a great effect on improving our memory. But frequent use can also have great long term benefits. For example, your memory will consistently get better and stay strong; the risk of developing debilitating brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, will be reduced; cognitive decline in general will be lessened and the plasticity of your brain will be assisted and maintained. With sixty caps, Now Foods’ Alpha GPC is a cost-effective winner.

Relentless Improvement’s Alpha GPC 60-Vegi-Capsule

Relentless Alpha GPCWith sixty 600 mg caps and a recommended daily intake of between 1 and 4, Relentless Improvement’s Alpha GPC supplement is enough to last you a month, or a little longer. Used on its own, it’s a great source of choline – one of the best, in fact – and works immediately to jolt you into mental and physical action. But when used as part of a stack with other nootropics, its effects are even more noticeable. It’s a powerful supplement that contains 300 mg of choline and is moreover suitable for vegetarians.

Although choline is also found in food products, scientists have argued that it is more effective when taken in high doses, such as is found in the product here. Alpha GPC is, indeed, known to be more efficient than any other choline prodrug at activating and stimulating acetylcholine production, which then unleashes our brain power, making us more active and motivated. If you wish to attain mental clarity, as well as improve your overall physical prowess, you could do little worse than give this supplement a try, which comes with a certificate of analysis (COA), thereby confirming its reputability.

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