The latest in Neuroplasticity: How ageing can improve your brain

By | November 27, 2014

NeuroplasticityA human brain consists of around 100,000,000 neurons, and for years scientists believed that the amount we are born with are the most we will ever have. In other, words it’s all downhill from birth because neurons eventually die. The old, accepted way of thinking was that our brain could not regenerate neurons and once they began to die, we would only end up with fewer nerve cells. As a consequence, our cognitive performance would not get better, but would slowly decline, without any way of preventing it. But it has now been discovered that that is not the case.  Photo by: Virtual Inbound Marketing 

Neuroplasticity refers to the plasticity of the brain – its ability to modify itself, including the creation of new cells. This is great news for anyone who wants to improve their mental faculties. For anyone who wants to sharpen their focus, concentration, improve their memory, as well as their problem solving skills and overall intelligence, the existence of neuroplasticity means that the power of our brain is not fixed but is variable; it can be changed, sculpted, regenerated. In essence, it can be improved.

Neuroplasticity works in a few ways. Intense studying and learning is a neuroplasticity technique. When we study and focus our attention on something, it eventually becomes second nature to us. Chess players who concentrate and focus on chess strategies soon find that the moves they make on the chess board are more out of a habit than the product of intense thought. We call such occurring intuition. But intuition is simply our modified brain – it has adapted itself to our learning. This is neuroplasticity; it is your brain bending to your will, reshaping itself according to your needs.

Nootropics have been speculated as being a good source to engineer neuroplasticity. Nootropics such as piracetam and and huperzine-A have been known to boost our ability to learn and absorb new information, improving our brain’s plasticity and enhancing our cognitive performance. These nootropics have been known to assist with and increase nerve growth and are popular with students who have lots of information to take in under stressful times.


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