Nootropic Websites

Here are a bunch of great websites I visit for my own research… provides unbiased scientific research for supplements and nutrition. Simply type in the nootropic you want to look up and you’ll be presented with an overview of the evidence.

Pubmed is a free search engine that accesses a huge database of biomedical references. In particular, search the medicine and pharmacy journals to find the latest published research on a particular nootropic. put together an interactive visualisation of scientific evidence for popular health supplements. Miriam Quick conducted the research for the graphic and has compiled in in this great Google Doc.

Timothy Ferriss has this interesting PDF Creativity on Demand. It features an article written by Johann Hari, an award winning journalist. The article covers Johann’s experience with the nootropic Provigil. The PDF also provides its a list of “Tools and Tricks” that provides even more links to other popular nootropic articles and forum threads.

Do you know an awesome nootropics website not listed here? Contact me and I’ll be sure to add it to this list.

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